How we helped Covaris create an integrated eCommerce platform that aligns with their high performance brand.


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Meet Covaris

Covaris is a world-leading life science company that specializes in tools and technologies to improve pre-analytical sample preparation. With their patented Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) technology, Covaris’ instruments enable efficient and reproducible mechanical processing of samples in a temperature-controlled and non-contact environment.

AFA technology makes Covaris instruments the gold-standard for nucleic acid shearing and NGS sample preparation.

The Challenge

  • The biggest challenge for Covaris was that their eCommerce store was housed on a separate domain creating a disjointed user experience for customers.
  • Customers also struggled to navigate the site and were unable to find compatible products to use with their instrument.
  • Valuable content, such as protocols and technical notes, were difficult to find.
  • Ultimately, the website did not represent the Covaris brand.

The Strategy

  • We started with customer interviews to identify information critical to the buyer’s journey. as well as pain points customers were experiencing with the site.
  • We wanted to create a clean modern design that matches a high performance, trusted brand.
  • We used search engine optimization to increase product, service and application page visibility.
  • Introducing product and resource search to help customers find compatible products as well as important protocols or application notes.
  • Redirection mapping to retain high traffic pages and SEO value of the old site.

The Results

  • Streamlined eCommerce platform with GeoIP location for international stores.
  • Full Google analytics and conversion tracking set up to accurately measure the ROI of the new site.
  • A sophisticated modern design with unique icons and custom page templates.
  • Improved search functionality for both products and resources.
  • Extremely low cost/conversion with paid advertising campaigns.

“Double thumbs up from our CEO”

“Our team is super happy with the site and how much easier it is to navigate and use. The feedback has been positive, I got a double thumbs up from our CEO.”

Brittany Melanson

Marketing Manager, Covaris

Brittany Melanson

“Double thumbs up from our CEO”

“Our team is super happy with the site and how much easier it is to navigate and use. The feedback has been positive, I got a double thumbs up from our CEO.”


Marketing Manager, Covaris



The Homepage hero section is strategically designed to communicate the unique benefits of AFA technology in pre-analytical sample preparation. Immediately below the hero section, we included links to high traffic product categories to allow users to navigate to a defined product scope.

Covaris protocols are widely used by researchers and is one of the top traffic pages on the site. To allow customers to easily find protocols and other technical resources, we introduced a quick link resource section.

While Covaris is most well known for nucleic acid shearing, their instruments are also being used in other applications from cell lysis to drug formulations. Unique icons combined with an updated colour palette gives the application section and overall homepage a clean, modern feel.



While life science websites are still predominantly accessed by users on desktop, mobile responsiveness has become increasingly important with Google’s switch to mobile-first indexing.

The responsive design allows the site to be accessed from any device and maintains the same UX strategy regardless of screen size.



Covaris’ patented AFA technology employs highly controlled bursts of focused high-frequency acoustic energy to efficiently and reproducibly process samples in a temperature-controlled and non-contact environment.

To educate users on how AFA technology works and how it compares to other methods, we created a long-form content page. This template allows users to jump to sections of interest, view full width infographics as well as helpful videos.


Search Results

As an eCommerce store, over 80% of visits will use search to find products of interest. To maximize this opportunity and to create a seamless experience for users, we created a prominent search bar in the top menu navigation. Here, users are encouraged to search for products, services or resources.

The search results page was strategically designed to help users filter results to find products that match their ultrasonicator, application, sample volume and sample processing capacity. Each result has a clear product image, product description and SKU, which is essential for both new and returning customers based on user interviews.


Product Page

Product pages were strategically designed to help customers evaluate the product of interest and accommodate varying amounts of technical product information. Instrument pages are content rich while consumables (by their own nature) require less content.

With key specifications above the fold, users can quickly evaluate whether the product is the right fit for their use.

Each product page includes a section for associated products to help customers find compatible accessories. Additional documents or protocols can also be added to each product page.


Technical Resources

Covaris provides a variety of technical resources to support researchers in their use of AFA technology and Covaris instrumentation.

Each resource type has its own custom icon, creating a consistent brand look and feel. Covaris is able to continually add new resources to their site as they continue to innovate.