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Join over 2,500 top life science marketing directors who receive weekly digital marketing tips.



Over the past seven years, my team and I have led over 100 life science SEO campaigns for companies ranging from startups to publicly listed companies. As a result, companies have received up to 100% increases in traffic in just the first few months after implementation. Ongoing SEO optimizations have resulted in increases of 500% or more of organic traffic to the website.

Supreme Optimization has maintained long term relationships in the life sciences field. We have helped grow many life science companies from small startups all the way to their IPO or acquisition such as Bio-Techne’s $250m acquisition of Advanced Cell Diagnostics.

During this time, life science SEO has dramatically changed as search engines continue to improve their algorithms in order to deliver the most relevant search results. For us, this means always staying up to date with the latest information to provide to our clients.

However it can be daunting to keep up to speed with search engine algorithm updates. At this point, there are literally updates daily across organic search engines and paid channels such as Google AdWords.

Some of these are small updates to improve the user experience, other ones are significant enough to cause a company’s website to be completely delisted from search results or severely penalized. For example, last year, Google announced the beginning of Mobilegeddon—an ongoing update forcing companies to make their website fully mobile friendly. In short, if your website doesn’t pass this Google Mobile Usability Test, then your mobile rankings will be significantly affected.

Supreme Optimization’s main goal is to provide as many free resources as possible for life science companies to do-it-yourself on the search engine optimization front. That’s why we’ve taken the time to comprehensively list out everything that you should consider when you are optimizing your website for search engines. These tips apply to a brand new website, or an existing website. Additionally, there are numerous life science SEO specific tips different from any other SEO checklist you’ll find anywhere else.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

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