Celebrating 9 Years as Life Science Digital Marketing Experts

Supreme’s mission is to help life science businesses effectively communicate revolutionary products and services with their customers through incredible digital experiences.

Supreme isn’t just another digital marketing agency. There’s a few key factors that make us extremely unique, enabling us to provide a level of service and achieve results head and shoulders above any other agency in the world. Below, we detail the three key elements that make up the Supreme Difference.

Life Science Expertise

Supreme is the first digital marketing agency in the world that is exclusively focused on life science companies. Our team understands more about your target audience and what your company needs from a digital marketing perspective better than anyone else in the world.

We’re built from the ground up to support our mission of being the #1 provider of digital marketing services and resources for the life sciences. From our twenty Ph.D.-level scientific marketing strategists down to our design and development team, we have more experience helping life science companies go through digital transformation than anyone else in the world.

Digital Marketing Expertise

Our team is composed of elite-level digital marketers. In 2019, our founder and CEO, Sheldon Zhai, was awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 in Marketing and Advertising for his innovative work in paving the way for life science companies and digital transformation.

We have certified instructors, thought-leaders, and subject matter experts in LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads, user experience, customer-centric web design, analytics, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization and much more.

Boutique Service

Our vision has never been to become a large, clunky agency. We love the fact that we’re a super agile and innovative team of 50.

We have chosen to be the absolute best experts in what we do and to serve our audience as best we can, rather than be generalists who do a bit of everything.

For Good

We believe in the importance of giving when you can, as much as you can. That’s why every year we donate up to 1% of our profit back to not-for-profit organizations.

Whether we’re making cash donations or donating our time by volunteering and collaborating, leaving the world a better place for tomorrow is always at the forefront of our minds.

Last year, we released a blog article titled 5 Lessons I Learned from Working 24/7 With the Top Life Science Companies in 2017.

This blog article was by far the most popular one we have ever posted.

Join Sheldon and Leigh on their life science digital marketing podcast to learn everything about digital marketing for life science companies – from SEO, Digital Advertising, and UX Design to Content Marketing and more.

Who We Are

The Supreme Team

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