Supreme—it’s who we are and what we strive for

Whether you’re looking for a marketing partner to grow your business or looking to join our team and grow your career, you’ll find a group of dedicated marketers, scientists, and technology experts who constantly push the boundaries of what it means to be Supreme.

We’re a global team of life science
digital marketing experts

Global Employees
Net Promoter Score
Employee Retention
“We really appreciate high caliber of the team and their ability to understand life science topics and phrasing.”
Life Science Instruments Company
Series B
“They use ‘we’ and treat our account like it’s their account. 
Nice to see those recommendations based on their experience in Life Science, and not just metrics. This makes our teams feel confident in Supreme.”
Pharma Contract Services Organization
Enterprise (20,000+ Employees)
“Supreme truly has lots of knowledge in SEO, they do their due diligence on keyword research, competitors, what other content is being produced. 
They are not just bidding on hot words but researching and tailoring to our content on our website. They are incredibly mature.” 
Custom Manufacturing & Life Science Tools SMB Business
“Supreme’s PhD background is unique. Other agencies are made up of marketers that learned or were nurtured into life sciences, like myself.
I have found nothing like Supreme’s experience and their internal training.”
Global Life Science Tools Provider
Enterprise (2,000+ Employees)

Unveiling Supreme's New Brand

Life sciences and marketing has been Supreme's focus since inception over the last decade. Our reinvigorated brand represents the next phase of growth, doubling down on the things we love: science (x) marketing.

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The forces that drive us

Supreme has built a phenomenal reputation over the last decade, and we've been extremely intentional in building that reputation.
We are privately referred all the time at the investor, board, and executive levels across the life sciences industry all the time – thank you so much ❤️.
Here are the key reasons why.


The average turnover at marketing agencies is about 30% per year. Supreme's average annual turnover has been less than 4% over the last decade. This results in stronger, deeper client relationships, better continuity of strategies and better results.
We’re passionate about what we do. Most of the world recognizes the excitement of a breakthrough drug or a new medical device reaching the market, but before that innovation comes to light, there are years of development, decades of basic research, and countless person-hours of effort.
While much of this work is unseen by the general public, it’s where we at Supreme focus our work and where around half of our team started our careers as scientists.


Many Supremers worked at other agencies and constantly mention two things that stand out. One being the passion and intelligence within the organization. Second, it’s our deep and elegant processes that create both organization and consistency in results.
Some of our larger projects have a team of 12 people—everyone knows their role and what's upcoming because of a clear process.
Processes are in everything we do: hiring, HR, onboarding, sales, strategy, M&A integrations, finance—everything.
We also have a rule that no one should be above challenging an old process and revamping it! Some rules were put in place that are outdated and no longer relevant.


Supreme was bootstrapped for a decade. The only way you can successfully do that and have the growth we had is if we can retain clients. And the best way to retain clients is to deliver results.
We built our offerings by starting off and asking ourselves, “what is the premium level of service that will generate the best results for our customers' needs?”
There is no fluff. In fact, we trim the fluff that might make us more profitable in the short term but ruin our reputation in the long term.
Then, we continuously gather feedback and actually listen to our customers on how we can improve. If enough customers we trust give us the same feedback, then we know we have an issue and we need to make it better.
We're not perfect but we always seriously learn to improve from our shortcomings and promise to always give our 100%.

Meet Our Experts


Executive Leadership

Tom Donnelly
Chief Executive Officer
Dwight Sawin
Chief Financial Officer
Sheldon Zhai
Founder, President
Alisha David
Chief Operating Officer
Leigh Wasson
Chief Innovation Officer
Eric Southwell
Chief Marketing Officer

Leadership Teams by Speciality

Megan Waldman, PhD
Director of Content Strategy
Ben Duffield
Director of Paid Social
Mihaela Pupavac
Director of Paid Search
Erik Mork Barrett
Director of Web Development
Anthony Veinderiho
Director of UX Design
Sheldon Zhai
Head of AI
Chris Ryan
Director of Technical Solutions
Michael Homenok
Technical Strategist
Alan Cha
Data & Analytics Lead
Lauren Whitehead
Director of Scientific Digital Strategy
Becky Weatherley
Director of Strategic Project Management
Marcus Silva
Director of Sales & Marketing Technology
Robin McArthur, PhD
Patient Recruitment Manager
Gregg Robideau, PhD
Patient Recruitment Strategist

Board of Directors

Sheldon Zhai
Founder, President
Tom Donnelly
Chief Executive Officer
John Martin
Vice President
Mike Steindorf
Blake Apel
Managing Partner

Portfolio Brands


Supreme Optimization

The world's first digital marketing agency exclusively for life science companies.

Clarity Quest

Growth marketing for health IT. 2023 Chief Marketer Top 200 Agency and 2022 #HITMC Agency of the Year.


Health+Commerce is a go-to integrated marketing communications partner for leading brands in biotech, medtech, and digital health.
Leading Agency

Coming soon

Newest addition to the Supreme Group family.

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