Effective Life Science Advertising

We help life science, biotech, and pharma companies enhance their online presence and maximize their ROI through Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft/Bing advertising.
As Google Premier Partners, we have managed over $200M in advertising spend. Every strategist holds a Ph.D., and provides a turn-key service from strategy, ad copy to deployment.

Paid Search

Paid search ads on Google and Microsoft Bing, Baidu and more.

Paid Social

Engage your ideal customers on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Programmatic Advertising

Precise targeting of your life science audience with the widest reach.

Life Science Publisher Networks

Premium placement on Nature, Science, ResearchGate and more.

Drive traffic, convert leads with paid search

Supreme has the most experience of any agency in life sciences when it comes to driving results on paid search.

Our specialization and data-driven strategies create a material impact for your business.

Why should you choose us to support your advertising?

Increase traffic and lead generation on your website
Create an immediate impact on revenue
Outrank your competitors
Have a measurable and scalable source of online revenue

Drive TOFU/MOFU leads with paid social

Capture mid and top-of-the-funnel leads with paid social.

Supreme has proprietary life science audiences and targeting strategies that give you a significant performance advantage per advertising dollar spent.

Why should you choose us to support your advertising?

Amplify branding and digital footprint
Target specific audiences (by job title, job function, industry, etc.)
Promote webinars, conferences, white papers, etc.
Retarget existing customers
Increase patient awareness
Promote B2C offerings

Increase awareness with programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising enables precise targeting of your life science audience while ensuring the widest reach across all digital surfaces.

Why should you choose us to support your programmatic advertising?

Great for awareness
Great for geotargeting/geofencing
Scientific placements
Unique placements
Account Based Marketing

“Supreme is our go-to agency for all of our paid advertising needs.”

“Eric and the Supreme team are ROCKSTARS! We started with a small budget in order to drive patient awareness towards two of our diagnostic products and within a few months we drastically scaled our budget across Google Ads and Facebook.”

Ken Kami

Senior VP Marketing, MDX Health

Get specific with account-based targeting

Land larger client deals with our personalized Account-Based Marketing (ABM) service.

ABM brings sales and marketing together to focus resources on an aligned set of target accounts. We are able to target specific life science audiences and know what content resonates with them.

Why should you partner with Supreme?

Target your top accounts
Personalize your customer experience
Engage the buying committee
Leverage our technical partnerships, including Hubspot, Marketo, Demand-base, LinkedIn, and more

Understand what's working with analytics

Supreme's analytics team creates real-time reporting dashboards.

Our strategies are data-driven. Our strategists setup conversion tracking for you and bring all KPIs into one centralized dashboard to optimize what's working, and remove what's not.

Custom visualized data reports
Easy to read and easy to share
Monitor emerging trends
Fully customizable to client needs

Making data-informed decisions means that none of your dollars will be wasted on campaigns that don’t make a measurable impact on growing your business.

What’s next?

Regardless of your marketing goals, we’re excited to connect and chat with you!

Here’s what to expect when you choose to work with us for your life science advertising needs:

Digital Marketing Audit (First Week):
  • Identify what’s working and what isn’t in your current ad campaigns
  • Dissect your competitors’ strategies
  • Find quick opportunities that maximize ROAS
Set-Up Phase (First Month):
  • Conversion tracking and analytics
  • Audience targeting and ad strategy
  • Ad creation and launch
Optimization Phase (After First Month):
  • Weekly and monthly optimization
  • Data reporting and analysis for continual growth
  • Innovative advertising initiatives to maximize ROAS

"Having PhD-level scientists help us develop strategies, create content, and monitor the performance of our campaigns has been a wonderful experience"

“In a very short time, we noticed dramatic improvements in performance. Not only have we increased keyword scores, conversions, and reduced costs, we have experienced a large increase in traffic to sections of our site that are not used as landing pages. We are attracting a much more engaged audience with our Google Ads than ever before.”

Kevin Pellerin

Sr. Specialist, Media and Metrics, Promega