Patient Recruitment Marketing

Communications are a catalyst to trial success. We provide a turnkey solution from messaging, recruiting to full funnel screening and retaining.
Supreme helps you explain why your study is important, provide reasons to enroll, explain how to participate, recruit and retain participants, and everything in between.

Communications Strategy

Supreme has experience launching over 100 campaigns. We understand your audience, your goals, and how to achieve them.

Regulatory and Compliance

Our regulatory team assists with IRB approved advertisements, adverse effects reporting, HIPPA, data security so you don’t have to.

Patient Recruitment

We provide turnkey, full funnel support for your patient recruitment goals. As a specialist firm, we know best how to drive the best results at the lowest cost.


As partners of Salesforce Health Cloud and various other recruitment screening, retention, and engagement software, we can help you leverage technology.

Maximize patient participation

Use digital platforms to maximize the reach to your eligible recruiting audience.

The vast reach of digital platforms can attract a diverse pool of participants to your studies, improving your chances of success.

Detailed performance tracking enables continuous optimizations that will amplify your study enrollment rates and connect you with more committed individuals.

“It’s very easy for me to recommend Supreme.”

“Working with Supreme, we've been able to improve user experience on our website, optimize our use of Salesforce for workflow, and also pilot different paid media activities to improve the quality of our donors”

Director, Marketing & Recruitment

Commercial-stage Therapeutics Company Public

Lay the foundation with a patient-first website

Brilliant design and Ph.D.-level copywriting that resonates with your eligible audience.

Utilize patient-centered language, intelligent UX and SEO for quick information access, and build a secure, smoothly-operating website with optimal architecture and technology integration.

Use the right platforms to find your audience

Reach your full patient population across multiple platforms.

Our Ph.D. digital marketing strategists will help design and deliver engaging and informative recruitment campaigns. A robust technical setup will enable optimal data collection to scale performance. Supreme will assign a specialist for each digital platform to accurately target the right audience.

“Supreme is our go-to agency for all of our paid advertising needs.”

“Eric and the Supreme team are ROCKSTARS! We started with a small budget in order to drive patient awareness towards two of our diagnostic products and within a few months we drastically scaled our budget across Google Ads and Facebook.”

Ken Kami

Senior Vice President of Marketing, MDX Health

Connect with patients using beautiful ads

Patients will respond to images and messaging that resonate with their needs.

Speaking to your audience in clear language and providing relevant information is the first step to overcoming participation barriers. Coupling this approach with imagery that resonates with their experiences creates a powerful recipe for an effective patient recruitment ad.

Optimize eligibility forms and CRM integrations

Highlight eligibility criteria and optimize lead flows to improve lead quality and patient retention.

Your eligibility form will need to be UX-optimized to increase applications and filter out ineligible participants. Integrate forms seamlessly with your CRM and booking systems to improve lead flows and reduce patient drop-off. Our CRM experts will ensure a secure integration with PII protection in mind.

Community management and adverse event reporting

Gain peace of mind with a dedicated comment monitoring team.

We have a dedicated team that monitors social media comments daily. With a robust process for adverse event reporting, this approach enhances campaign integrity and participant well-being.

Ensure regulatory and ad platform compliance.

Maintain confidence in campaigns that adhere to regulations and ad platform policies.

Our team’s broad experience with international privacy laws, Institutional Review Boards, and ad platform policies will give you full confidence that all of your recruiting efforts remain above-board at all times.