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How MP Biomedical Transformed Their Digital Marketing Presence and Drove New Business in Record Time


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130% more web revenue, 30% more web traffic, 150% more transactions, 20% more order value. All with incredible customer feedback, within one year. We helped MP Biomedicals reinvent their entire eCommerce customer experience.

The Challenge

MP Biomedics had seen a steady decline in annual web performance. To correct their course, MP needed an experienced partner who could strategize on a global and regional level, get buy-in across global teams, and make high-level decisions for their digital transformation.

The Strategy

Supreme started with an in-depth discovery process to analyze qualitative & quantitative data and build a concise roadmap. Through this process we made a prioritized plan with aggressive but attainable targets. After a presentation to the global teams, to get buy-in from key stakeholders, we hit the ground running.

The Results

Within one year, we grew web revenue by 40% and web traffic by 30%. This is even more impressive as we had to reverse the trendline from negative to positive. We fought for what we knew would work and made bold decisions that led to big results. Our relationship continues with MP, stronger than ever.


More web revenue

Key features on MP Bio’s site caused a frustrating user experience. We helped organize the site, optimize pages for mobile, and improve navigation. This led to a 100+ percent increase in web revenue.


More web traffic

We helped MP Bio implement a number of important SEO strategies on their site and category pages. These improvements led to 30% more traffic to their web page.


More order value

Our team of copywriters and technical specialists made improvements to cross-sell MP Biomedical’s products and improve the search functionality on their site. By making it easier for users to find relevant products, MP saw a 20% increase in order value.



The homepage is the face of an organization. For it to stand out, and make a memorable impression, it must be sleek, easy to navigate, and impactful.

Through our proven positioning and messaging approach, we came up with the customer-facing messaging "Dependability Delivered". This improved message communicated MP Biomedicals’ unique ability to supply quality products and services, even when competitors were supply-chain limited.


Mobile Optimization

In the life science industry, as many as 40% of visitors interact with websites through a mobile device or tablet. We wanted to make sure MP Bio’s users could easily navigate the site on their mobile devices. To do this, we created mobile-specific templates and designs. These included a navigation feature so users could seamlessly move through different pages on the site.

Significant, drastic, improvement

"Supreme has been an excellent team for our website and digital transformation project."


Chairman And CEO, MP Biomedicals



MP's old navigation confused and overwhelmed site users. The site's navigation was modeled on MPs internal product categorization. This made it confusing for external customers who were unfamiliar with the company's naming conventions. Our Ph.D. -level team conducted SEO keyword research to determine what customers were searching for and aligned the architecture accordingly. In addition, we brought out their top product areas directly within the navigation so users could find relevant results faster.


Category Page

Category pages are an important entry point from Google search as well as customer navigation path. We wanted to ensure that each category page had SEO keyword research combined with relevant content that aligned with the customer's journey. Our PhD-level copywriters created targeted content to inform and cross-sell MP Biomedicals top products.


Search Results

The search results listing page was optimized according to best eCommerce practices. However, this alone does not make it easy for site users to find relevant results. Useful results start with quality product data. This meant that we had to go through all of MP's web databases and create helpful filters, upload imagery, write concise short-descriptions and much more.


Implementation of Algolia

MP Bio’s ecommerce store was built on Magento. Although Magento is a dedicated eCommerce platform, it didn’t have the native elastic search functionality that MP needed. To better serve MP, our technical team recommended Algolia as a search integration. Algolia is the world's most powerful search integration that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to return the most relevant search results in less time.


Product Page

The product detail pages were completely rebuilt according to eCommerce best practices. This meant that we led with key features and benefits, and ensured that customers could easily find the packaging sizes that they needed. In addition, we integrated automated citations to further validate product quality and increase conversion rate.


Brand Guidelines

MP Biomedicals needed an updated brand identity that highlighted their strengths and told a unique story in a competitive and commodified industry.

Through stakeholder interviews, customer interviews, and competitor messaging analysis, we developed a brand story, brand promise, and brand personality that appealed to their audience and highlighted what made the company unique.

We also reimagined their core colors, typography, conference booths, packaging, presentations, and website design to give them a polished and unified visual identity across the entire global organization.

Brand story
Standard color graphics of the logo
Interpretation of the logo
Exclusion zone
Ink graphic and monochrome inverted
Logo minimum application standard
Our core promise
Logo with wordmark
Logo inappropriate uses
Rules of logo in pictures
Standard color specification
Complementary colors specification
Brand personality
Color ratio
Color matching chart
Interpretation of the auxiliary graphics
Basic form of auxiliary graphics in rows


Application Design System

With a fresh brand image and story in hand, we helped MP share their updated appearance internally and externally. This included adding their new colors, typography, and identity on ads and merchandise. We worked with MP to show their new brand on items like business cards, envelopes, email signatures, and much more.