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How Aster Insights Revitalized Their Brand and Launched Two Websites in One Year


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Aster Insights accelerates oncology product discovery and development through scientific and clinical intelligence. They lead ORIEN®, a consortium of the nation's leading cancer centers that conduct Total Cancer Care®, the world's largest and longest-running observational research study in oncology. We streamlined the rebranding and building of two websites to compel and inspire their partners.

The Challenge

They came to us as M2GEN, an oncology data company, but they are so much more. Their name, brand, messaging, and websites did not communicate their position, value, or personality — threatening their partnerships and sales.

The Strategy

With multiple goals and numerous stakeholders across organizations, Supreme started with a DACI matrix, aligned the team through positioning, brand, and messaging workshops, and steered the SEO, CRO, content, design, and launch of two websites.

The Results

Within one year, the organization revitalized its brand from M2GEN to Aster Insights, had a unified message and visual identity between partners that differentiated from the competition, and 2 websites optimized to drive traffic, conversions, and inspiration.


Brand Positioning & Messaging

A strong, memorable brand and compelling messaging start with a well-researched strategy and differentiated positioning. Through stakeholder surveys and workshops, customer interviews, and analyses of competitors’ web presence, we identified where Aster Insight’s unique strengths intersect with their audience’s unmet needs. We gained buy-in and alignment on their core positioning and converted it into key messages that demonstrate value and credibility.


Company Name and Tagline

The company name and tagline tell the world who you are and what you stand for. The original name, M2GEN, was challenging for partners and prospects to pronounce properly and did not align with the company's mission and vision as it stands today. We ran naming workshops, surveys, and interviews to gain input from employees at every level. As a central oncology research driver that builds connections between patients, cancer centers, and pharmaceutical partners, we identified Aster Insights: Together, we can make an impact as the new identity for M2GEN.

"The Supreme team is always wonderful to work with!"

“The Supreme team is skilled, creative, and responsive. Grateful for their partnership in leading, guiding, and supporting the redesign and launch of our new brand!”

Dawn Thomas-Smith

Director, Marketing and Communications, Aster Insights


Visual Identity

Visual identity is often the first interaction a consumer has with a brand. It can make a powerful and lasting impression — influencing consumer perception and brand recall. When done well, logos, color schemes, typography, and imagery evoke positive emotions that connect with the audience, demonstrate credibility, and are differentiated from the competition. We developed the visual elements — packaged in brand guidelines — to evoke emotion, offer a seamless experience across platforms, and differentiate the brand.

The logo is based on the Aster flower shapes. It is carefully constructed to maintain ownable and unique characteristics while allowing for perfect legibility at any size on any application.

Aster Insight typography has a platform-agnostic approach, enabling users to have a seamless experience whatever the interface. The new typography is modern, clear and simple to bring a high-end look & feel to the overall ecosystem.


Sales & Marketing Website

The website needs to convey the unique value that Aster Insights provides to all of its audiences: pharmaceutical partners, cancer centers, new talent, and, potentially, patients. The homepage showcases Aster Insights' brand, unique benefits, and voice with intuitive navigation to help visitors explore the offerings, company, and resources. We carried this approach throughout the website to bring clarity to the offerings. We fine-tuned the website for search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and user experience — to build traffic, leads, and brand loyalty.


Patient Recruitment Website

The patient-facing website is designed and written to align with Aster Insights new brand while resonating with existing and prospective patients. The goal of this website is to educate existing patients and caregivers and help them make the decision to consent to Total Cancer Care®. To develop messaging, we interviewed patients and patient champions about what they wanted to see on this website. The end result is a cohesive yet audience-optimized feel between Aster Insights websites, with shared visual elements and messaging.