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See how we helped Audubon transform their website into a confident lead-generation machine.


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Meet Audubon

Audubon Bioscience procures biospecimens from around the globe, and offers a tremendous variety of genetically diverse samples and hard-to-procure specimens. The company, headquartered in Texas, is a rapidly growing global organization. Their 100+ members support cutting-edge cancer and precision medicine research to find new life-saving diagnostics and treatments.


The Challenge

With their current website, vendors viewed Audubon as a startup. In reality, they were an established firm with more than 100 clinics worldwide.

Functionality limitations prevented them from optimizing their small site for SEO. This resulted in lower traffic.

Audubon needed a website that could both generate leads and position them as an established, reliable player in the biospecimen market.


The Strategy

The biospecimen market is extremely competitive. Audubon stands out by providing a boutique service with access to samples in over 100+ clinics worldwide.

We wanted to attract both biospecimen customers and doctors willing to partner with Audubon.

To do this, we built an SEO optimized website, used expert copywriting to position the company as an industry leader, and implemented a modern design that demonstrates reliability and instills confidence.


The Results

Following the launch of the website, Audubon generated more leads within 2 months than they had in the past 4 years.

Within three months, their total website sessions increased by 270%. In six months, it increased by 330%.

Organic traffic increased by 205% in the first six months post-launch and continues to grow. The website improvements also led to a 7x increase in total keywords and 16x increase in keywords ranking in the top 10 positions.

We’ve had more leads 2 months post-launch than we’ve had in the past 4 years.

“We are happy we went with Supreme. Usually, it takes 2-3 months to see a real kick in organic traffic, but we are already seeing a 200% spike and the new website immediately generated 8 to 10 relevant leads.”


Audubon, CEO and Founder


We’ve had more leads 2 months post-launch than we’ve had in the past 4 years.

“We are happy we went with Supreme. Usually, it takes 2-3 months to see a real kick in organic traffic, but we are already seeing a 200% spike and the new website immediately generated 8 to 10 relevant leads.”


Audubon, CEO and Founder


Homepage and Navigation

Audubon initially came to us for SEO. We found their small 8 page website wasn't indexed by Google. This meant we needed to build a new website so they could enjoy the full benefits of our SEO strategy.

Our team built an intuitive information hierarchy, improved the design and navigation throughout the website, and created additional pages to target long-tail keywords. We also added sections for different audiences (researchers, doctors and patients), and to highlight Audubon’s commitment to ethics and compliance standards.

The Homepage is strategically designed to communicate the unique benefits and scope of the company’s biospecimens and services. Near the top of the page, we’ve included links to each biospecimen category. This allows users to quickly navigate to relevant product pages.

To communicate the reliability of the company to viewers, we added two sections: an easy-to-scan passage on the Audubon Guarantee, and a directory of the company's global network of clinic locations.

Because biospecimens support a wide range of disease indications, we introduced a quick link to the “disease area” resource section relevant for both physicians and patients.

We also strategically developed design features on the homepage. Buttons on the homepage stand out from the primary brand colors to draw attention and match the company logo. The icons and faded background images also mimic the logo shape, delivering a cohesive feel. These design features are used throughout the website.

Together, these efforts increased organic traffic, improved the user experience, and communicated Audubon’s full scope of unique offerings.



Due to Google’s mobile-first indexing, mobile plays an important role in the success of the site. That’s why we designed the new website to be fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Our pre-launch and post-launch testing includes a range of popular devices, browsers, and screen sizes to ensure a seamless website experience for all users.

With the homepage mobile view and navigation we mirrored the desktop strategy. This provides intuitive navigation and sufficient information to guide users deeper into the site.


Biospecimen Product Pages

The objectives of the project page designs were to:

  1. Make it easy to find the type of biospecimen the viewer was searching for.
  2. Clearly communicate the laboratory analytical services.
  3. Highlight the sourcing and sample matching capabilities.

When content is lacking, customers cannot find answers to critical questions. They're left to wonder if the company really has the sample specifications that meet their needs. Or if they can deliver compliant samples in the right timescale.

Each product category page links to specific sample types, lists the analytical services used throughout the website, and directs visitors to an informational page on matched biospecimen sets.

Moving deeper into the website, viewers land on product-specific pages that communicate the various formats, services, and shipping options. On each product page, we’ve placed a sticky “request a quote” section that scrolls with the page. This makes it easy for users to continue to the next step of the buying process.


For Clinics and Doctors

The original website was limited in content. It largely discussed Audubon’s offering without demonstrating a reason to buy or partner with them. Our goal was to develop a compelling story that highlights the unique benefits of choosing Audubon, which spoke to doctors, researchers, and patients.

By using strong positioning, an SEO-focused approach, and a conversational tone, we created original content that engages users and makes them feel comfortable.

We took this a step further by increasing high-quality imagery, adding visual cues to direct users to the most useful next step, and including images of the team to humanize the company.

Having a polished website with the right pages and content enhances a company’s credibility. This is exactly what we delivered.


Global Network of Clinic Locations

Audubon stands out by providing a boutique service with access to samples and clinical data in over 100+ clinics worldwide. We designed the geographical locations page to showcase Audubon’s global network of hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

We built the page to allow Audubon to easily add new countries as they grow the number of clinic partnerships and locations over time.


Contact Us

The contact us page is the primary lead generation form on the website. The page is accessible on both the top right of the navigation bar and on all product pages.

The contact form and secondary contact information are both visible above the fold to help users get in touch quickly. To prevent unnecessary friction, we’ve kept the number of form fields to a minimum and required fields are explicitly marked.

To further emphasize Audubon’s global reach, all office locations are included on the contact us page.

Now Audubon’s team can make changes to their WordPress website with the confidence that it is properly indexed and boosted for visibility and traffic.