Vector Laboratories

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Vector Laboratories

VectorLabs specializes in Labeling and Detection Systems for Biological Science. They’ve been developing and manufacturing reagents since 1976 and been referenced in over 300,000 publications.

Vector Laboratories needed an eCommerce partner for commercialization. Their digital partner would help to improve the quality of the website in terms of organization, E-commerce, SEO, and content. Supreme, the first digital marketing agency exclusively for life sciences helped to fill that role and meet expectations.

The Story

"We Needed an E-Commerce Partner for Commercialization"

The Challenge

Vector Laboratories is a portfolio company of Maravai LifeSciences. Maravai LifeSciences acquires companies that have high growth potential but haven’t yet invested in the commercial side. They needed to find a E-commerce partner that improve the quality of the website in terms of organization, E-commerce, SEO and content.

The Strategy

Vector Laboratories looked for a number of vendors prior to selecting Supreme. Everyone else was a “jack-of-all-trades” whereas Supreme only focused on digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization. VectorLabs asked us to help them to lead all digital strategy, discovery, research, and design.

Through a process of information gathering involving customer user testing and SEO data analytics, we were able to make guided decisions for the best possible website.

The Results

Vector Laboratories successfully launched their newly designed website with increased speed, product organization and customer usability. As a result, customers are able to better navigate the website, find the products they need and view the resources to help them succeed in their research goals. In addition, through a process of constantly measuring and optimizing, we’re able to continue improving the website to better serve visitors.

Custom Designed Templates

When it comes to web design, we believe form must fit function.

Designing unique custom templates starts and ends both with the customer-first. We ensure that what we create is aligned with providing customers with real utility rather than just a fancy design. How do we do this?

    • Identify the target audience.
    • Conduct live user testing and voice of customer interviews.
    • Produce “low-fidelity” wireframes of templates. 
    • Conduct live user testing and voice of customer interviews for feedback.
    • Produce custom designs with color, brand, look and feel.
    • Feedback and revisions.
    • Development.

Through our iterative and agile process, we ensure that the final website will be aligned with both customer and internal stakeholder expectations.

Mobile Usability

Life science researchers are increasingly conducting research on mobile devices.

That’s why our websites not only have to be mobile responsive but also mobile usable. Visitors should be able to easily navigate, find, learn and buy from their mobile device, anywhere and everywhere.

Technological advancement happens so fast that we must always be anticipating for the future otherwise your new website can easily be outdated by the time it launches.

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