Optimized targeting on paid ad platforms to drive 300% more qualified sales leads for 50% less

Promega is a recognized leader in the cell & molecular biology space with an expanding product portfolio. We use a smart approach for each platform to increase sales-qualified leads.


Web Services

  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Advertising

Meet Promega

Promega is a large, well-established, global company with a trusted name in cell & molecular biology. They have been providing the scientific community reagents, kits and equipment for 40+ years.

The Story

How We Helped Promega Increase Lead Generation by 300% (and Cut Cost Per Lead by 50%)


The Challenge

Promega needed to reach their customers across multiple networks in a scientifically-accurate manner without having to manage all of their digital advertising in-house.

Life science expertise was the missing piece of Promega’s digital advertising efforts.

Their previous paid advertising efforts had to draw on in-house scientific experience and needed to be optimized to reach a broader audience.


The Strategy

Our dedicated account managers with Ph.Ds in the life sciences took on a dual-approach to target the top & bottom of the marketing funnel.

We made a dedicated marketing push towards LinkedIn to advertise whitepapers & webinars at the top of the marketing funnel using lead generation forms.

Google Ads targeted the bottom of the marketing funnel to bring in sales-qualified leads at a more reasonable price.


The Results

We used LinkedIn to target the right audiences for Promega webinar sign-ups with lead generation forms. This refinement and expert application brought in valuable new leads at
on a previously under-utilized platform.

Google Ads focused on optimized & strategic keywords & ads to bring in more sales-qualified leads. We doubled the ad click-through-rate and brought down the cost per conversion by 50%.


"Having Ph.D.-level scientists help us develop strategies, create content and monitor performance of our campaigns has been a wonderful experience"

Kevin Pellerin

Sr. Specialist, Media and Metrics, Promega


"Having Ph.D.-level scientists help us develop strategies, create content and monitor performance of our campaigns has been a wonderful experience"

Kevin Pellerin

Sr. Specialist, Media and Metrics, Promega

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Promega Google Ads

Promega needed to optimize their existing Google Ads efforts to improve ad performance. They needed to bring in more sales-qualified leads through form submissions and wanted to focus on their sample request forms.

  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Target appropriate bottom-of-the-funnel keywords
  • High quality & scientifically-accurate ad copy
  • Split testing to continually refresh & optimize
  • Standard colors specification
  • Focused account maintenance to target the most valuable & relevant traffic

Optimizing Clicks

As of 2020 Promega has seen significant improvement in the amount of traffic being driven to their website from Google Ads. By having the most relevant ads triggering on the right Google search terms we have refined Promega’s approach to bring in the best quality traffic.


greater click-through-rate compared to industry average


increase in the overall number of clicks


lower cost-per-click compared to the industry average


Optimized Conversions

In the last 4 years Promega’s Google Ads have driven more sales-qualified conversions like form submissions. By showing & optimizing ads being shown to the right audiences at the right time we have not only increased the number of conversion actions, these valuable form fills are now coming in at a much better price.


lower cost for each conversion compared to the industry average


more conversions


increase in sample form request fills


Promega LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn was relatively uncharted territory in terms of advertising for Promega. This platform is a great way to get ads for the most appropriate content in front of the most relevant audiences.

The Right Content

  • Whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Interviews
  • App Notes
  • Tech Notes

The Right Creatives

  • A/B Testing
  • Focus On Scientists
  • Clear CTAs

The Right Audiences

  • Member Skills
  • Job Seniority
  • Company Industries
  • Job Functions
  • Product-Focused

Lead Generation

In the last few years, Promega’s linkedin campaigns have consistently delivered 50% better performance than the industry average. By shifting away from a purely brand awareness approach & utilizing the LinkedIn lead forms we have helped bring in quality leads at a phenomenally low cost.


greater click-through-rate compared to industry average


more leads than the industry average