FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics

We helped FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics create a unique eCommerce platform that both showcases their full capabilities and drives sales of healthy and disease-state human cells.


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Meet FujiFilm Cellular Dynamics

FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, Inc. (FCDI) is a leading developer and manufacturer of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) used in numerous applications from drug discovery to cell therapy development. FCDI’s technology offers the potential to create iPSCs from anyone, starting with a standard blood draw, and then differentiated into virtually any cell type in the human body.


  • FCDI is one of the top suppliers of human iPSCs, however, online sales had stalled and product information was difficult to access on the site.
  • The site did not accurately reflect FCDI’s full capabilities as a service partner.
  • eCommerce tracking was not set up in Google Analytics so it was difficult to determine product performance.
  • The old site suffered from a number of technical issues that made it difficult to update.


  • To improve product search we created one central product listing page with filters to allow users to select cell quantity, tissue source, donor status and age at sampling.
  • To help customers easily access product information we created product detail pages with clear donor information and links to relevant resources, including certificates of analysis and publications.
  • We improved search functionality with results based on relevancy, autocomplete suggestions and SKU matching.
  • To help customers evaluate the product, we included product images, validation data, and additional technical specifications.
  • To improve organic traffic, we used keyword research to align their top landing pages with the keywords their customers were searching for.


  • FCDI’s eCommerce revenue has grown significantly since launch. With full eCommerce tracking set up, FCDI can accurately track performance.
  • In just three months, organic traffic has grown by 20% and average session duration has increased by 30%.
  • FCDI has multiple templates that they can use to sustainably grow their application content and add more resources.


The homepage hero section is designed to convey the unique value that FCDI’s human iPSC technology provides -- clinically-relevant models of human biology. We wanted to combine a visual of human cells with the humans behind the research to support the headline, “The Power of Human Biology.” To highlight the latest innovations from FCDI, we also included recent product news, events and applications in the hero section.



To help customers browse products by cell type and disease-state, we used a two-tone menu dropdown to visually separate level 1 and level 2 pages. As the menu expands, customers can browse both healthy and disease-state cells.

The top navigation also features quick links to high traffic pages, such as the certificate lookup page and careers page.


Category Level Page

We wanted the product category page to serve as a robust landing page for both organic and paid traffic. From this page, users can browse all cells within the category or navigate further specific healthy or disease-state cell products.


Search Listing Page

The key ingredient of the search listing page is the filters. We included multiple filter options to help customers narrow down their search by product type, cell type, donor status and disease.

Each product listed in the search results page has a thumbnail product image, the product catalog number, space for a concise product description and starting price.


Product Pages

From the product page, customers can select either a kit size that comes complete with culture media, or the cells only. Based on their selection, pricing automatically updates. Two call-to-action options are provided for customers: “Add to Cart” and “Request a Quote.”

In the product overview, we highlighted the components of each kit as well as key donor information on the donor’s background to help customers evaluate the product.

To support technical inquiries, we included a prominent area to encourage users to either call or email an expert if they need help finding the best product for their application.


Product Literature

FCDI has a large selection of product-related documentation, from safety data sheets to application protocols and user guides. To help customers find resources of interest, we included on-page search functionality and filters for customers to browse resources by product type.

If customers still have questions and would like to contact technical support, we included contact information directly on the product literature page.