There’s a sequence of questions we get asked the most when we are scoping out a new life sciences website. It goes something like this:

Client: “So how much does a website generally cost?”
Us: “Generally speaking, around the $100,000 range.”
Client: “For a website?”

The truth of the matter is that, yes, $100,000 is a lot of money. The other truth is that this is an absolute steal for the amount of value and return on investment a high-quality website brings to your company.


1) Your website is your full-time employee. Imagine her name is Jennifer. Here is everything she will be doing for your company.

  • Jennifer works 24/7, 365. She never sleeps, eats, and only has one purpose in life: talking to your customers and promoting your business.
  • Jennifer is your ideal saleswoman. She knows every detail about your business and presents it perfectly through continually improving testing.
  • Jennifer can speak to hundreds of interested leads every day, simultaneously.
  • Jennifer can speak multiple languages fluently and travels to any region of the earth without expensing hotels, food, and entertainment.
  • Jennifer can accept payments instantly online and link it to your accounting team.
  • Jennifer can deliver interested leads directly to into the inboxes of your sales team.
  • Jennifer can store all of your past customer’s data as well as pass it through to a CRM platform.

We could go on and on about everything else Jennifer can do, however, the most important part is that: her costs are extremely low. Hypothetically, if we said your company employed her for 5 years, this means her salary would only be $20,000 per year no matter how many extra customers she is bringing on or communicating with.

There’s also cons to not upgrading your website. Let’s say you met multiple potential VC investors, stakeholders, scientific partners, customers or just the general public at a recent conference such as AACR. You hand them your business card, and they visit your website to learn more about the business. However, upon visiting, it is slow to load, the logo looks like it was designed in WordArt, and there is no clear unique value proposition to pitch your company. The end result is a damaged reputation and credibility for your brand name.


To reach funding or revenue goals, it is vital to have a website that professionally displays your scientific research, products or services.

Supreme Optimization has over a decade of experience designing stunning yet functional websites for life science companies in many sub-sectors including medical devices, diagnostics, chemical, biotech, and pharmaceuticals.