Video Transcription


Welcome to the Life Science Marketing Lab.

If you’re a life science marketer and you’re struggling to find niche traffic online and convert it into new business, if you’re concerned about the rising cost of cost per click advertising online or even the use of ad blocking, so not only are costs going up of cost per click advertising, but fifth of the Internet can’t even see your ads anymore.

Or, if you’re just overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of options online, which means new tasks, new responsibilities that pile up, on top of the marketing responsibilities that we’ve already had in the past, there is a new website optimization formula. A new, simplified website optimization formula that some of the savviest life science marketing executives are using to see increases of up to 243% of qualified, evergreen (meaning free) traffic to their websites without spending more on paid advertising. And even if they might not consider themselves “tech people”, the results are still coming in for them.

So, in these short video series, we’re going to reveal this exact formula back to you. It’s the first time that we’ve revealed this formula. But first, I want to thank you for being here.

There is a quote from Heraclitus that says, “No man steps in the same river twice, because the river has changed, and so has he.” While yes, Internet marketing as a whole, it’s always changing and it can be very overwhelming, we are not stagnant, you are not stagnant. We can change with this. And, when it comes to Internet marketing, the best return on time investment that you can make is self-education and implementation. So, I’m very happy that you are here.

My name is Leigh Wasson. I am the lead digital marketing strategist at Supreme Optimization. We are a digital marketing agency that has taken website optimization and search visibility to a degree that has never been done before. We study the methods and techniques of master salesmen and saleswomen and apply them to website design and to search visibility.

So, with that being said, my promise to you is that we are going to do everything in our power to give you actionable tactics, to give you top-line strategies and to give you thought-provoking ideas that give you the competitive edge in your niche.

Thank you for watching and I look forward to continuing this with you.