Leigh Wasson

Think big. Be present. Do work. Win big. Step back. Stay humble.

Leigh is on a mission to do as much good in the world in the shortest amount of time as possible. He has been working in digital marketing and user experience design since 2012. In that time he’s helped hundreds of businesses owners, entrepreneurs, and artists get better results online by understanding the universal principles that motivate people to take immediate and meaningful action.

His work philosophy is grounded in three principles:

  1. The economic principle that life is not a zero sum game. The pie gets bigger not divided into pieces. If you want to make a million dollars – learn how to make some else ten and you will never want for your next client or customer.
  2. The environmental principle to leave a place better than you found. If you see a problem, don’t point at it without getting to work on it. Choose good work over strong opinions, always. This applies to personal relationships, building websites, and life and death.
  3. The moral principle that telling the truth starts by not lying. Humans are an interesting bunch. We cannot all tell all of the truth all of the time. But we can start by speaking forthrightly without lying. Great marketing starts by finding the smallest truth possible and building a rock solid foundation upon it one stone at a time.

Together with the incredible people at Supreme Optimization Leigh has put out great marketing advice including that popular conversion optimization video series, Podcast with founder Sheldon Zhai, and video case studies for you to enjoy and implement.




Favorite Places

  • Ricks Cafe in Negril, Jamaica
  • Yoga barn in Ubud, Bali
  • Smart Bar in Chicago
  • Anywhere and everywhere with my Kindle & Hydro Flask.
  • 10 feet under water in Lake George, upstate New York.


  • DJing, mixing music, dance floors
  • Quick sketching landscapes and architecture with india ink and water colors
  • How direct response marketing principles are being used online
  • Meditation among plants
  • Probably, you 🙂