We get it. The number one challenge when it comes to redesigning a website is communication. Especially communication across multiple teams. If you’ve worked with design agencies or outside contractors then at some point you’ve probably felt left in the dark because you’re not clear on what deliverable is being worked on and who is personally accountable for it getting done.

We don’t like that feeling either. That’s why we use Trello. It’s the easiest project management software to use on the market. You’ll always know exactly where you are in your project timeline with full transparency. You can even see what daily work is queued, in progress, and complete. The bottom line is that you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where your project is at all times.


Here’s the problem. There’s no worse feeling than spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars launching a website, only to find that all of your previous web traffic is gone and no one can find your new site on Google. SEO is incredibly important to us, because if we build you a website and no one can find it, then we failed our job.

What sets us apart is that we start with search engine optimization (SEO) first and build your new website around the traffic that’s already looking for you. Most web design agencies will design a new site first and then try to optimize for “SEO” later.

Your SEO On Page Optimization is executed by digital marketers with technical backgrounds that have been working with exclusively life science companies and target audiences for 5+ years. From our results illustrated in our case studies, we are positive that there is no other company in our industry that knows SEO like we do.


Next up. Now that you have your traffic acquisition strategy in place, the question becomes: once someone has found your website, what do you want them to do? Sounds simple enough, but you might be shocked as how many websites we see that simply aren’t designed with a clear end goal. It may “look nice”, but does it convert new leads?

Most web design firms deliver you an expensive brochure. We build you your most compelling and knowledgeable salesperson, working for you 24/7.

The key here is that we follow a specific one-on-one interview process of your key stakeholders, sales professionals, and sample of your current clients or customers. Before we design one pixel we must get clear that all desired outcomes are aligned and focused – otherwise you run into a costly, time wasting, redesigning mess.


Connecting the dots. Now we have our foundation in place, we know exactly where we want to go, but how do we get there? This is where having a concise, repeatable, and effective digital marketing strategy comes in. To get to there we coach you through our six step Supreme Conversion Optimization Formula. The beauty is that once this formula is complete, you will have clear and revenue driving copy that can be used in every aspect of your marketing.


Yes. The fun part! This is where we make you look good. This is where we take the learnings from our research to design you a clutter-free, easy to navigate, and beautiful website. Your site will have both great layout and intuitive structure so it will be easy for visitors to find the information they need to take action.


Once we have the final approval that you’re thrilled with your new design, our team of expert backend coders will make your design a reality. Like the animators at Pixar, this is where we take the characters on the storyboard and bring them to life. Our experienced development team delivers you a high performance, fast-loading, and secure website to position you as the cutting edge leader in your market.

We guarantee that your website’s site-speed will be on-par with the life science industry leading websites. For security, we utilize Citrix ShareFile, used by 99% of all Fortune 500 companies to securely transfer confidential information in conjunction with Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL).


The big day. Now we move your website from our development server and redirect all domains so your pages don’t lose their search status. Your site is now live and viewable to your audience. There is where we toast to you!


A quote we love: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” The future of the internet is the same. Yes, the river of technology is always changing, but so is the marketplace sophistication of your prospects.

At the end of the day, we are dealing more with the needs and desires of human psychology than the latest and greatest new piece of marketing technology.

With that being said, having a dedicated team of digital marketing strategists, designers, and developers at your disposal will ensure that your tech is always working properly and up to date. You can rest easy knowing that your website is continuing to be fully optimized to find, interest, and convert your ideal prospects into loyal customers or clients.

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Let’s take a look at your website together and figure out your best options for business growth.