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Supreme is the first digital marketing agency exclusively for life science companies.

The biggest problem when it comes to improving your digital marketing through your biotech website, SEO and SEM is spending a lot of time and money on something that doesn’t make a measurable impact on growing your business.

Most agencies lack either the life science industry experience, digital marketing expertise, creative direction or technical expertise. If any of these skill sets are overlooked, then the website will not be able to to serve your marketing team, sales team or, most importantly, your customers in making a decision to contact you or make a purchase from you.

The Supreme Difference

Supreme Optimization was built from day one with a single mission: to be the #1 provider in the world for life science digital marketing services and resources. Since then, we’ve had an accomplished track record of leading digital marketing and developing strong biotech websites

We are composed of scientists and digital marketers that collectively have 25+ years of experience working in the biotech. Our philosophy is simple: Your website should serve as your #1 sales and marketing tool.

Only Supreme Optimization has the end-to-end in-house capabilities and experience to execute upon these goals successfully.

What digital marketing services do you provide?

Digital marketing for biotech companies is our expertise. Our services all aim to make your website into your #1 sales and marketing tool. We accomplish that through driving organic and paid traffic, optimizing your website for conversions, web design and web development.

Supreme Provides Digital Marketing Services In:

Research and Strategy

  • Website Audit
  • Keyphrase Research
  • Usability Testing

Web Design & UX

  • Marketing Website Design
  • E-commerce Website Design
  • Branding and Logo Design

Web Development

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Hosting & Support

Strategy & Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertising
  • Conversion Optimization

What digital marketing services don’t you provide?

Tradeshow Marketing:

Tradeshow marketing can be effective for many companies, however, we’re direct response marketers to our core. What that means is that we thrive on being able to measure actual results and ROI. We love being able to see exactly how much money we put in, and what we get back as a result of that investment.

Unfortunately, tradeshow marketing is one of those things that may or may not justify the cost and time. This leaves us feeling like we’re guessing rather than able to prove a return on investment so we’d rather focus on being the best at what we do and prove it quantitatively rather than subjectively.

Technical Writing:

Great copywriting and the ability to create great content is extremely powerful. Although we have the Ph.D.-level expertise to help you write your content from scratch, we believe the best content is written by the people who know their services inside and out.

This doesn’t mean that right off the bat you’ll be able to write beautifully compelling web content, but, with a little guidance from our team, you’ll have far superior content that highlights your unique differentiators better than anyone else.

Press Releases:

We work with a lot of private and publicly traded companies. We understand the importance of press releases highlighting new product line launches, results from clinical trials, major announcements to shareholders and more. We leave the press release and editorial scheduling to the people who do it best… press release and news distribution agencies.

Why do we specialize in life sciences?

In agency life, team is everything. We hire uniquely talented people that have specialty backgrounds in both life sciences and digital marketing.

We believe that in order to be the best at what we do, we can’t be good at everything in every industry. We’d rather be great at just a few select things so we can understand the entire competitive landscape, target audience(s), product lines, service offerings and more.

Oh, and we’re highly selective with our clients because we don’t take on directly competing clients at the same time. Much of our work requires creativity and sometimes involves bidding on ad networks for unique keywords. It isn’t fair to choose which clients get the best ideas nor is it fair to bid against yourself in ad networks.

Our typical biotech digital marketing clients look like:


Brands at the top of their industry that need to maintain or position themselves as innovators in digital marketing and organic search.


Brands who need to reclaim their digital presence or SEO standing after performance loss or poor investments.


Brands seeking to reduce a strong investment in paid or other marketing channels that can’t produce the same long-term benefits as SEO or reputation marketing.


Clients who have pre-existing site or business with aneed for brand development, messaging, audience analysis, and eventually more robust internet marketing services like SEO.

How much do your life science digital marketing services cost and how do you structure engagements?

Our monthly engagements are structured not only to align with your objectives, but also to give our team enough time and resources to deliver upon your expectations. Contracts are month-to-month.

Costs vary depending on the specific services requested, but on average a monthly budget of at least $5,000 is necessary in order to support the level of service and consulting we provide to our retained clients.

Who will work on my account?

Our team of digital strategists, project managers, creative designers and web developers work collaboratively to deliver you amazing results on your digital projects. Every client we work with has a minimum of three team members including a Lead Digital Strategist, Project Manager and Marketing Assistant to help strategize and execute.

However, more than likely, you’ll end up taking advantage of all the talent we have in-house to serve as your digital strategy team, drawing on all the technical and creative resources we have to get the job done successfully.

Best of all, we’re usually all in the same room which makes streamlined communication easy.

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Let’s take a look at your website together and figure out your best options for business growth.