E-commerce Web Design for Life Sciences

Supreme’s biotech e-commerce websites are built to drive traffic and convert sales. This means exceptional user experience and performance combined with intelligent design.

On a high level, we’re building and designing your #1 “e-salesperson” who is helping your business grow 24/7/365. Now is the time to take advantage of the vast growth opportunities in the age of e-commerce for biotech websites.


According to a PwC report, 70-80% of sales and marketing in the life sciences research industry will be done through e-commerce by 2020.

An intelligently designed frontend to match your sophisticated backend product data architecture

The future of the life sciences R&D market is e-commerce. Our goal is to provide you with the best life science e-commerce website in the industry.

In today’s life science industry, scientists and purchasing agents are more and more accustomed to buying products online, and expect the same purchasing experience from life science e-commerce stores. This means that there’s been a shift in having pricing, specifications, availability, ratings, reviews and more all available 24/7.

Built to sell

We harness the power of the world’s top e-commerce framework, Magento, and then combine it with the top integrations with one end goal: to maximize sales.

The future of the life sciences R&D market is in e-commerce. Biotech companies with e-commerce portals have been growing at an incredible rate while replacing in-person sales reps with incredible online store experiences.

It’s now a game of who can maximize cart value and lifetime value from each customer. We use quantitative and qualitative data to predict user experiences and harness the power of the best functionalities for searches, personalized product recommendations, live chat, FAQs, review walls and abandon cart email automation to ensure you’re making both the most sales and also the highest cart-value per sale.

Built to drive traffic

Drive traffic. Convert sales. Rinse, repeat, profit.

In the beginning, we started as a life science SEO company. We’ve been working with the top brands in life science to optimize their websites for increased traffic day in and day out for over five years. Our 82-step comprehensive life science SEO guide is the #1 go-to guide for life science companies that want to drive more traffic. What sets us apart from other companies is that we start with SEO and build your new website around traffic that’s already looking for you. Most web design agencies design a site first and then try to optimize for SEO later.

Integrations and more integrations

Make your e-commerce store talk to your other softwares.

From integrations of order and account information, to Hubspot and Salesforce, to payment gateways, enterprise resource planning (ERP) softwares and shipping APIs, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you make your store automatically talk to everything else in order to provide your marketing and sales team with clearer data for upsells, inventory management and anything in between to help you grow your business.

Responsive, built for mobile

Make it easier for your customers to browse and buy on their mobile devices whether it be a tablet or phone.

Our biotech web design and development teams fully embrace the power of mobile and responsive design. We understand how your potential customers interact differently on mobile devices and how to optimize their shopping experience when they’re on the move.

Easy to manage both products and content

Always feel in control of your product database and content with an intuitive and easily accessible backend.

Unlike any company we know, we combine the most powerful content platform, WordPress, with the most powerful e-commerce framework, Magento, to give your users a seamless frontend experience and your team a powerful backend experience. Adding new products, promotions, blog posts, resources and inventory can all be done within minutes.

Fully equipped conversion tracking and analytics

You don’t stop training your top salesperson the day you hire them. Why would you stop incrementally improving your top e-salesperson, aka your website?

We’re the only life science digital marketing agency in the world that has the industry specific strategic knowledge combined with the technical expertise needed to turn your website into your best salesperson. With our customer-centric e-commerce design process, we’re always tracking, course-correcting and testing to make you more money while increasing conversion rates and sales.

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Let’s take a look at your website together and figure out your best options for business growth.