Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the best and most effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your life science or pharma website. Having a great SEO presence helps you consistently get more leads without having to pay for each click or view.

Over the past seven years we’ve consulted and led over 100 pharma and life science SEO campaigns.


243%. The average percent increase in organic traffic after one year of partnering with us.

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Initial Content Audit and Benchmarking

First, determine what’s already working and establish clear benchmarking to measure improvement.

Every project starts with a great SEO strategy and clear data points. By first examining what content on the website is already driving significant traffic, we can get important insights into what we should preserve and what we should do more of.

Detailed conversion tracking, keyword benchmarking, analytics and heat-mapping allow us to make data-driven decisions.

Keyphrase Research and On Page Optimization

Find the perfect revenue driving keywords that balance relevancy, traffic and competitiveness.

Selecting quality keyword research for life sciences SEO is significantly more challenging than many other industries due to the complexity in target audience and keywords.

Your keyphrase research is led by a team of digital marketers with backgrounds working in the life science industry and/or in research labs. Over five years of keyphrase research and competitive analysis for life science and pharma companies gives us a wealth of insight when it comes to knowing exactly what to target for results.

This means you can proceed with confidence knowing that your entire SEO campaign is focused around targeting the right things.

Outrank Your Competition

Rank above your competition — and we know exactly how you can do that.

As experts in the top SEO research tools in the world, we can uncover and educate you on your competitors’ SEO strategies. This involves detailed analysis on what your competitors are doing, how well your competitors rank, why they rank well and what keywords they invest in.

You’ll know how to build optimal landing pages, what new content to create, how to write it without ever feeling like you’re in the dark about what everyone else is doing and why.

Craft the perfect SEO and user-friendly site architecture

It’s all about finding the delicate balance between building a site architecture for search engines and user-experience for your visitors.

Too often we find that life science companies build their website architectures either too SEO-focused so that users cannot find anything, or the other way around by trying to oversimplify the website to the extent that search engines end up not ranking you for anything.

The optimal website architecture is one that balances content ‘silos’ that target specific keyphrases with easy to navigate pages that are highly intuitive for your audience.

SEO (and user) friendly content

Content is king when it comes to life science SEO and conversions.

The biggest mistake you can make is writing content for content’s sake. Each page should be strategized for target keyphrases within the content and imagery. But it doesn’t end there. Just as importantly, your content needs to compel your audience to take action.

We’ll help teach you how to write for web in order to craft the perfect high-traffic and high-conversion landing pages across your website.

Technical SEO

We’ll make sure you’re compliant when it comes to the technical aspects of SEO.

Search engines like Google are constantly trying to position the best websites at the top of search. The technical aspects of a website are just as important. These include:

  • Sitespeed
  • Security with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Mobile usability
  • Responsiveness
  • Duplicate content
  • Broken links
  • Redirections

Even great content can’t save you from a technically outdated and insecure website. The websites that can both optimize for the on-page elements of SEO in addition to the technical elements ultimately rank the best.

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