Paid Advertising and SEM

Paid advertising on networks including Google AdWords, LinkedIn and Facebook can be extremely profitable when set up correctly. On the flip side, without accurate and measurable goals, conversion tracking and professionally set up campaigns, it’s one of the easiest ways to spend large budgets without clear ROI.

Our team bridges life science industry experience with paid advertising specialization. Just a few of our accolades include:

  • Google AdWords Advanced Specialist Certifications
  • Google Analytics Certified Partners
  • Facebook Advertising Certified
  • Management of over $10M per year in advertising budgets on Google AdWords in the life science industry.
  • LinkedIn Advertising trained by the first LinkedIn certified advertising partner.


$10 million dollars. The amount of annual AdSpend that we manage on LinkedIn, Google AdWords and Facebook for the top life science brands.

Google AdWords

Google Search Network and Google Display Network cover 90% of the internet.

Google’s advertising networks are among the biggest in the world when it comes to reach. This means that you’re not only able to target specific search queries that your target audience is looking for, but you’re also able to target websites that your prospects frequent.

When set up correctly with proper landing pages and conversion tracking, AdWords for your life science company can be extremely powerful for attaining qualified leads and sales.

LinkedIn Advertising

A highly effective B2B advertising network for life sciences.

LinkedIn has emerged over the years as one of the leading networks for B2B marketers. By leveraging LinkedIn’s powerful targeting options, you can get as specific as job title, function, seniority, company, and more.

Whether it be content marketing to potential companies or even getting directly into someone’s inbox through InMail campaigns, LinkedIn should be part of your life science digital strategy.

Facebook Advertising

Highly profitable, and highly underutilized in the life sciences.

Facebook advertising is super profitable and can be significantly less expensive for lead generation or direct sales when compared to LinkedIn and Google.

In the life sciences, this is by far the most underutilized channel we’ve seen with the cost per conversion outperforming AdWords and LinkedIn by an order of magnitude. Combine this with email list uploads and retargeting and you have a major chance to scale and make a large ROI.

Google Data Studio Custom Dashboards

Beautiful and simple data visualizations.

Google Data Studio turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to share and fully customizable.

Dashboarding allows you to tell great data stories to support better business decisions.

Landing Page Creation

A high converting landing page is vital to a successful digital advertising campaign.

Ad copy gets the click, the landing page does the hard work of converting the prospect. A conversion-optimized landing page minimizes distractions and improves conversion rate.

We’ve designed landing pages for some of the biggest life science companies in the world targeting researchers in both academia and biopharma.

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