Usability Testing

Don’t make your users think. A good website allows users to accomplish their intended tasks as easily as possible.

The truth is that marketing teams, designers, developers and digital strategists are probably not the typical users of your website. In fact, it’s possible that because your team are experts in your field, you’ve forgotten that your first-time customers aren’t.

That’s why live usability testing is so important for any customer-centric website. It lets the people using your website give input to the website’s design rather than solely designing by the input of your stakeholders. It’s like the digital version of the old adage “Measure twice, cut once.”


Companies typically spend $92 to bring customers to their site, but only $1 to convert them.

Define your web personas

Understanding the attributes of who you are targeting with your website helps align architecture, functionality and content.

Web personas are beneficial for a number of reasons. They allow you to market directly to your niche, to make your marketing messaging laser-focused, to increase your conversion rate, to attract the right type of customers and to stop wasting on marketing that doesn’t bring results.

Understand their goals, hopes and dreams

Truly understand your audience on an individual basis.

It’s easier and more effective to think of a specific person when you’re writing content or designing a user experience than to use a general list of traits for a particular demographic. In the digital age, specific marketing to specific individuals is dramatically more impactful than general content to faceless people.

Give the people what they want

Now that you know exactly who you’re marketing to, it’s time to address their top questions and hesitations.

When you really understand what your visitors’ wants and needs are, you can finally create extremely targeted content and resources. This type of content helps aid in the conversion process by reducing doubt, hesitations and other obstacles preventing them from contacting you.

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