Keyphrase Competitive Research

Keyphrase research for highly relevant and revenue-driving keywords is vital for a high-performing SEO strategy.

Supreme first began as a life science SEO company. Since then, we’ve accumulated thousands of hours of life science SEO industry experience. Combining these experiences with the best analytical software gives us the complete toolkit to boost your search engine rankings above your competitors, getting your site in front of your target audience.

We can confidently predict the effects of a search engine-optimized architecture and content strategy on your ranking potential.


243%. That’s the average increase in organic traffic our clients see. Every pixel that we design is based on search engine optimization (SEO) first.

Craft a site architecture that increases traffic

Keyphrase research allows you to build a website housing the pages and content that your target audience is already searching for.

One of the biggest mistakes that can happen during a site refresh is an unguided attempt to reduce content and clutter. Often, within the clutter lay incredibly high-ranking pages that are lost along the way. Knowing what you’re already ranking for allows your business to maintain organic leads; knowing what your target audience is searching for allows your business to create new pages in order to reach more people.

Find out what your competitors are ranking for

Once you know where your competitors rank better than you, you’ll know what content you’ll need to beat them.

Too often companies are in the game of guessing what content might be beneficial for their audience and might rank well. Why guess when you don’t have to? Through competitive research, we can see exactly how much traffic your competitors get, for what keywords, to which pages. Then we can find opportunities to outrank them based on data rather than guesswork.

Create content with a clear, singular topic for each page

By dedicating one page to one topic, you’ll have a much higher search engine ranking potential.

Want to know how to rank on the first page for any given keyphrase?

Step one: Type in the keyphrase.

Step two: See what’s ranking.

Step three: Make something better.

Google’s goal is to put the most relevant content for any given search at the top of the listings. However, if each page on your website doesn’t have one clear main topic or service, why would Google rank you first when it can rank a competitor’s website with more relevant content?

Show up for more relevant keywords and drive more traffic

We truly believe that a great SEO strategy has the power to transform your business. It has for us.

With a great site architecture that supports your SEO and content strategy, you’ll be able to scale and dominate organic traffic. Even incremental improvements can result in exponential improvements in search traffic. In fact, the difference in click-through rate between ranking 1st on Google versus ranking 5th is 35% versus 7%.

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Let’s take a look at your website together and figure out your best options for business growth.