Video Transcription


Now that we discovered the Conversion Optimization Formula, a key point to make here is that, ultimately, what we’re trying to create here is a salesperson. We’re trying to create a 24/7 living, breathing salesperson that’s always working for you, that’s getting in front of your best prospects.

If you think about the in person sales presentation; you have the ability to go back and forth, to ask questions, to read body language, and to alter your presentation as it goes. We don’t have that ability online.

That’s why we take the time to go through each of the universal doubts and make sure that we’re addressing them, because, if any one of these doubts comes up, and it’s not sufficiently addressed in our marketing, they’re gone. It’s expensive to get ‘eyeballs’ on your site, and it’s even more expensive to lose them, without them taking action first. That’s why it is that we go through this formula.

Now, you are equipped with the tools to create high converting websites. We’ve gone through the market sophistication, we’ve gone through how to pinpoint and understand where our market is, in terms of their sophistication, then, question whether our messaging is lining up accurately with that sophistication.

We’ve also discussed how to uncover the number one challenge, the biggest pain point that your customers face, and how to use that feedback into crafting an irresistible hook. A hook that captures attention and overcomes doubt.

Finally, we’ve gone through the Conversion Optimization Formula of how to structure a website.

In our service, what we do is we provide feedback through this process. We are going to give you intimate feedback pointers and coaching, from how to move from understanding these universal doubts into creating compelling websites.

We’re going to ensure that your website isn’t just an expensive brochure – a black hole for your budget with no measurable ROI, but instead, this highly trained, persuasive salesperson, that is working for you, and getting in front of your best prospects at the best time.

Thank you very much for watching, and I look forward to working together.